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He tells Quartz he hopes to take the course and African gastronomy across the globe. Founder Amandla. In the process, she created a campaign much larger than she originally envisioned. The eviction was halted, and Moeti was inspired by the success of her outreach to found amandla. Moeti describes amandla. Members join the community through WhatsApp message, SMS, or a free text message service that prompts a call-back, making it accessible to the disenfranchized communities most in need of advocacy. South African collective savings schemes called stokvels have been around since at least the 19th century, allowing poor and working class black South Africans shunned by commercial banks to pool funds.

Moloi, a trained engineer with an additional degree in finance, has found a way to bring that tradition into the 21st century with the StokFella app. Moloi wants to develop StokFella into a standalone financial entity that caters to this collective savings model, one which banks have typically ignored. Hilda Moraa stands tall in this space. The Kenyan business information technology graduate currently leads Pezesha, a micro-lending marketplace that uses data analytics to help low-income borrowers in East Africa generate credit scores. The startup has facilitated over 20 million transactions in less than two years—a feat that has helped win investor conviction.

Rolling electricity blackouts in South Africa have become the norm. This prompted Nthabiseng Mosia to ask how households could free themselves from depending on an unreliable national grid. Mosia co-founded Easy Solar in with classmates she met while studying energy finance and policy at Columbia University.

Eschewing lucrative jobs in the energy sector and inspired by the potential of solar energy, Mosia and her co-founders decided to start their own company while still at graduate school.

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society [WorldCat Identities]

The survey allowed Easy Solar to respond to the needs of the community they were serving, rather than shoehorning a solution. Easy Solar provides solar-powered products from lanterns and portable chargers to complete home systems on a rent-to-own mobile payment system. Today, more than 50, Sierra Leoneans use Easy Solar. Comedian CarlJoshuaNcube Zimbabwe. Carl Ncube made his career as a comedian by criticizing the man who ruled over his home country for most of his life: year-old former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

But his determination only strengthened his work, making him a permanent fixture in Zimbabwean, African, and global comedy circles. Ncube says he wants to stay relevant in a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe. Fredros Okumu has been obsessed with mosquitoes and how they transmit diseases from a young age. As an adult, he has developed a global reputation for spearheading innovative ways to monitor and control mosquitoes, in the hopes of one day eliminating malaria. Based at the Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania, Okumu monitors mosquito swarms to understand their behavior, from recording how they sense smells they distinguish between family members this way to how they mate by dancing in clusters in the same location, year in, year out.

By studying the insects this closely, Okumu is helping tackle a health crisis that disproportionately affects people across Africa. Fish have long been a daily staple for residents of Kisumu, a Kenyan port city on picturesque Lake Victoria.

Second Boer War

But few had any taste for fish skin as a fashion accessory until Newton Owino, 39, came along. Owino, a former research scientist who studied leather chemistry at the G. The bet has paid off. While Alisam has created nearly jobs for locals, Owino has even bigger dreams. Before starting ART X Lagos, Peterside says she was struck by how little support African artists were able to get at home versus abroad. Gregory Rockson is the CEO and co-founder of mPharma, a company that manages inventory for small independent pharmacies and their suppliers.

Rockson wants the Accra, Ghana business to disrupt Big Pharma on the continent and other emerging markets. MPharma operates in 11 cities in four countries Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe and has received funding from influential Silicon Valley investors.

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Doctor, Founder of H3Africa afshgenetics Nigeria. In the study of human genomes for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and other diseases, African DNA has historically been ignored. In March, Rotimi co-authored a groundbreaking study about the origins of sickle cell anaemia, a condition prevalent in black populations worldwide. His research could pave way for the development of treatment options for the disease. Sengeh is also the co-founder of Innovate Salone , a social action project to nurture creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit among Sierra Leonean youths.

Archaeologist shawkss Egypt. Nora Shawki is an expert in the social and economic institutions, religion, and iconography of ancient Egypt. The year-old is also using archaeological data to look into patterns of ancient socioeconomic relationships. The attempt failed, but it taught Sidibe what type of communication technology the continent was most in need of.

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Many Malians struggle to read on their smartphones due to low literacy rates. Sidibe created Lenali, a voice-based social network in The app sends and receives messages in Bambara, Soninke, Wolof and French and Sidibe plans to add more African languages.

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It allows users to create a spoken profile page, and save their contacts orally. Downloaded by more than 40, people, the latest version also allows for notes and GPS location tagging. The app even comes with a verbal installation guide. Instead, it could aid it.

Choreographer SherrieSilver Rwanda. It was a crowning moment in a blossoming career. Silver has already made philanthropy a key part of her success and her brand as a rising star of the dance world, holding dance workshops for African children, and even starting homes for at-risk youth in Lagos and Kigali.

Ordination of women

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality among Cameroonian women, with 30 cases and Scientists, however, suggest current figures may be understated, given the lack of country-level data on screening and absence of a national cancer registry. Conrad Tankou, trained at the University of Yaounde, has tackled that problem with increased access to tests and screening, and as the inventor of GIC Med, a portable digital microscope that connects to a smartphone to remotely scan for cervical and breast cancer. Data from scans are uploaded digitally to allow doctors, possibly miles away, to conduct an analysis.

For hundreds of women in Cameroon who live far away from health centers with test capabilities, GIC Med could be life saving. Ghada Wali is a warrior for the Arabic language. Viscosity of the Earth's Mantle. Viscount Breckenridge To The Rescue.

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