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The conduit — but not the source — for the leaked videos was Ryan McKnight, a former church member who uses the handle FearlessFixxer on Reddit. He lives in Las Vegas and said in a telephone interview that he resigned his church membership three years ago, unsettled by contradictions between Mormon scripture and history. McKnight said that people had been sending him documents since last year, when he became known for having had a role in leaking a new church policy , before the church made it public, to exclude married gay Mormons and their children.

He said the leaker contacted him through Reddit and asked him to post links to the videos on Sunday morning — while the church was holding its biannual General Conference meetings in Salt Lake City. McKnight said the source did not want to post the material in order to avoid being tracked. He said that when he tried to contact the source by email later on Sunday, the email address he had used before was no longer functioning.

Hawkins said in a statement. The videos have raised questions about whether Mormon legislators inappropriately used their influence to advance the interests of their church, long a sensitive issue. Suspicion that Mormons have dual loyalties flared up early in the last century over whether to seat Senator Reed Smoot of Utah, who was also a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. After years of investigations and hearings, Mr. Smoot was seated.

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Scholars and political advisers said in interviews this week that Mormon politicians advocated in ways no different from many Protestant, Catholic and Jewish politicians. Sixteen Mormons were sworn into the th Congress in January — about 3 percent of the membership, according to the Pew Research Center. Mormons are about 2 percent of the American population, about the same as Jews.

Several scholars of Mormonism said that if the videos had surfaced when Mr. David Whitmer.

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