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Men do everything they do in order to get laid III Why women will always have more power than men. Read Next. Was 'Sgt. Early on, we knew we'd always do things differently than the average couple and that our union, marriage, and relationship would be more about conscious relating and spiritual growth and less about following the rules set by society.

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Yet, we wanted the deep, passionate sex that everyone longs for. We continually asked ourselves: How do you make it work with a partner who may have different sexual needs than you when you know in your heart that they are your ideal match? Eventually, we threw up our hands and, after almost ending our union several times, accepted things as they were.

We decided that we'd rather have a life together with hit-and-miss sex than not be together at all. And then I met a tantra coach and everything changed. I've always been a risk-taker and I'll do whatever it takes to be happy. So I signed up for a program with a local tantra and sexuality coach to learn more about my own body. I had learned a little about tantra in my yoga teacher training and I figured I'd start with connecting more to myself with hopes that it'd help my marriage.

Although in the West we see tantra as all about sex more of it with more people , I learned that it's all about authenticity and being completely present in every moment. You don't even have to have sex to practice tantra! Over the next year a new world was opened to me and my relationship was forever changed.

Here are some tools, techniques, and tips I learned along my journey:. If you're feeling stuck sexually or at your wit's end with your sexual connection in a relationship, I recommend working one-on-one with a tantra coach or sex educator.

You may find there are many things you didn't know about sex coaching. Working with a tantric coach can be really helpful if you're processing the aftermath of an affair or you sense you have energetic blocks when trying to connect sexually with your partner.

Sex Is Everything

In addition, if the female orgasm seems like an impossibility, a tantra coach can help. Maybe my greatest lesson was this: How you do sex is how you do life.

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So improve your life and you'll improve your sex; improve your sex and you will improve your life. In my case, I'd worked for years on improving my life and still the sex was an issue. Tantra coaching was the final piece to the puzzle.

In your coaching program you may find, like we did, that you need to go beyond verbal coaching and experience bodywork sessions. These may include pelvic release , lingam or yoni massage , and orgasmic meditation training. Orgasmic meditation OM is a practice that combines the power and attention of meditation, with the deeply human, transcendent experience of orgasm. I found this practice beneficial in reconnecting with my own body and hit the reset button on what it means, as a woman, to receive love and pleasure from a partner.

I can say from experience that "OMing," as it's called by practitioners, will help you wake up to the experience of life more deeply. When regularly practicing, food tastes better, colors are brighter, and life feels a little less heavy. Do my husband and I practice this every day? This issue is mainly targeted towards denying same sex couples health insurance coverage through their employer due to their sexual preference.

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  4. Sexual orientation is affecting the life benefits of individuals and unfortunately it is leaving them excluded from attaining rights that any heterosexual individual can easily obtain. It is their sexual orientation that eliminates them and depicts them as a separate class which is not entitled to attain such coverage. Human sexuality is very powerful and unfortunately it justifies scrutiny such as leaving gay employees without health insurance coverage.

    Second, there was the passing of the law which Mississippi governor signed to allow business owners to refuse their business to LGBTQ individuals. If you are gay and in Mississippi you may want to double check yelp reviews before walking into a family owned business.

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    They reasoned the passing of the law under the consideration that it protects the religious views of particular business owners. This is the type of power that sex has amidst our political world.

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    Nonetheless it is very disgusting to hear that administrative legislatures are worrying themselves and making issues out of nothing. Business owners are not going to love every customer that walks in their business. The purpose of a business should be to operate for all people with the initiative of growing and attracting new customers.

    It is not a business owners right to know whether you are worthy straight or unworthy gay as a customer. Money is money and unfortunately the power of sex amidst our political world justifies what type of money is unworthy.