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A pioneer missionary, Salvatierra founded the first lasting mission in Baja California in In he was appointed provincial of the province of Mexico, where he served for two years, after which he spent the remainder of his life dedicated to the conversion of the Indians of California.

Noticia de la California, y de su conquista temporal, y espiritual, hasta el tiempo presente First edition of one of the earliest and most important contributions to the historical literature of California. Father Venegas ? The unpublished manuscript was edited and compiled by Padre Burriel, and in its final form, became the most extensive account of Lower California of its period. The book put an end to the popular myth, which flourished from , that California was an island. Cowan states that, "other than Cabrera, Burriel was the first writer whose sound sense allowed him to reject the apocryphal voyages as unworthy of credit, to restrict northern geography to actual discoveries, and to correctly define in print the peninsula and regions of the Colorado and Gila [Rivers] as far as known.

In the introduction to Burriel's appendices there is a recommendation to the Spanish government for the colonization of California on the ground that efforts from other countries would be a menace to their existing colonies. Mexico, For more than two hundred years Spain had neglected to settle Alta California. Two land parties and two ships were sent, beginning in There the Viceroy ordered a celebration to commemorate this extension of Spain's domain. It is rare probably because it was printed in a very small edition for private distribution since its publication had not been approved by the Council of the Indies.

Lorenzana, Archbishop of New Spain, compiled this volume to bring together information on the history of the colony.

Wagner states that the original of this map has disappeared, so we don't know whether Castillo or Lorenzana put the name "California" on it. Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, First edition of one of the earliest scientific journeys sent to California. Junipero Serra was the Franciscan who founded the mission chain of Alta California. The letters give not only an account of the founding of the missions, but they also give interesting details of the Indian tribes, their manners and customs, as well as general descriptions of the country.

Storia della California. Opera Postuma.

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Venice: Appresso Modesto Fenzo, Although a great deal of this work relates to the settlement of Baja California, it also contains valuable material on the California missions, with much about Fathers Consag, Kino, Picolo, Salvatierra, Taraval, and Ugarte. Noticias de la Provincia de Californias en Tres Cartas Sales' account is most important for its information on the organization of the California Missions after the expulsion of the Jesuits in Father Sales arrived in California in with Father Iriarte and the first wave of Dominicans, and he remained in the area until his recall about Near the end of his stay he wrote three long letters to an unidentified friend at Valencia, Spain.

The first part of the work consists of a number of letters written from missions in California and the Azores, describing the country, animals, Indians, and trials of the missionaries. He states that Venegas' account is in error in certain respects. Madrid: Imprenta Real, Text and Atlas. First edition marking the end of Spain's attempts to control the Northwest Coast. Captains Galiano and Valdes, two of Malaspina's officers, took the schooners Sutil and Mexicana to survey the east end of the strait of Juan de Fuca on what was to be the last Spanish voyage to the area.

They encountered Vancouver's expedition at Esquimalt Bay, a presage of the future. The accompanying atlas volume contains maps of the area and beautiful plates of Nootka, Indians, and artifacts. Also significant is the masterly summary of all the Spanish voyages along the coast, written by Martin Fernandes de Navarete, which makes up the first pages of the Relacion. The most important general history of early South Sea voyages of discovery.

Burney accompanied Captain Cook on his second and third voyages. In discussing the attempts by the Spanish to colonize California, Burney describes the role of the Jesuits, the establishment of the Pious Fund, and the growth of the missions. He also includes discussions as to whether California was an island or a part of the mainland, supporting the early claims of Ulloa that California formed a part of the mainland.

Coleccion de los principales trabajos en que se ha ocupado la junta nombrada para meditar y proponer al Supremo Gobierno los medios mas necesarios para promover el progreso de la cultura y civilizacion de los terri- torios de la Alta de la Baja Califomia. The Junta de Fomento de Californias was an ambitious attempt to colonize California and establish Monterey as a commercial capital to dominate the whole Pacific trade. The topics discussed in the eight papers are the colonization by natives as well as by foreigners; missions; territorial legislation; land distribution and the geography of settlements; and most importantly, the establishment of an Asian-Pacific trading company at Monterey.

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The Personal Narrative of James 0. Pattie, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St.

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Edited by Timothy Flint. Cincinnati: E.

Flint, First edition, second issue. This book is the first printed narrative of an overland journey to California. The Pattie expedition was the second American party to make the journey, and the first to cross Arizona to California by way of the Gila River. The incarceration lasted for some time, during which the elder Pattie died. The younger Pattie, who authored this work, knew something of vaccination and is reported to have inoculated "thousands. In , at the beginning of the Gold Rush, the author mysteriously disappeared in the California mines.

Primera Secretaria de Estado. Departamento del interior. El Exmo. Presidente interino de los Estados-Unidos Mexicanos Se erige en ciudad el pueblo de los Angeles de la Alta California Mexico, 23 de Mayo de El dia 6 del corriente he recibido por la Secretaria de Relaciones el decreto que sigue Se erige en ciudad el pueblo de los Angeles de la Alta California, y sera para lo sucesivo la Capital de este Territorio Mexico, 10 de junio de Original printed decree giving Los Angeles the title of City.

This decree elevated the Town of Los Angeles to the dignity of a city, the first in Alta California, and made it capital of the territory.

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This measure passed the National congress due to the efforts of Carlos Antonio CarriIlo, provincial deputy from California to the Mexican congress and the author of the Exposition of Mexico: Imprenta de J. Fernandez de Lara, First collected edition of these laws, second edition of the Reglamento para el Gobierno de la Provincia de Californias , which was first published in Mexico in and known in only four or five copies.

The Mexican province of Alta California continued to be governed by these laws until they were superseded by American law in The book is the first one printed in English to relate exclusively to California, and is remarkable for the fact that the author did not see California until long after its publication. Notably, the book has always been considered reliable and accurate.

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The book was written from descriptions furnished by Forbes's agents in California. According to R. Cleland in his classic, Cattle on a Thousand Hills, , much of the material for this book was furnished by Abel Stearns.

A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea. First edition of California's first literary classic and the greatest book of maritime California. Aboard the brig Pilgrim, Dana's "definite and successful purpose in [writing the book] was to give an account of sea life from the point of view of the forecastle, and to secure justice for the sailor. The Los Angeles Public Library copy contains a two-page autograph letter signed by Dana, dated October 18, , referring to the artist and poet Washington Allston, a friend of Dana. Viaggio intorno al globo principalmente alla California ed alle isole Sandwich negli anni , , , Con I'aggiunta delle osservazioni sugli abitanti di quei paesi di Paolo Emilio Botta.

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Torino: Stavilimento tipografico Fontana, Botta's observations of California form an extra chapter, published here for the first time. Only about a dozen perfect copies of the first edition are known. An English translation of this work has never been published.

While traversing California's coast, Duhaut-Cilly became acquainted with most of the missions, presidios, and pueblos, as well as the many ranchos he visited. His Voyage is the first foreign account of Spanish California. Lieutenant Toler was born in Venezuela in , to an American father and a Venezuelan mother. Raised in the United States, Toler became a midshipman in the U. Navy in , sailing in the South Pacific.

Toler twice lowered the Mexican flag over Monterey and raised the American: once too hastily on mistaken orders at the outbreak of the Mexican War, later officially and permanently in Hoyt Toler, son of the author, in Lacks atlas. As French Ambassador, Duflot de Mofras's "special mission was to explore and evaluate the commercial possibilities of California and the Oregon Territory, in order that the French government would be better able to decide whether to become involved in the conflict over Oregon between the U.

Duflot de Mofras put together a complete description of the history and current state of affairs of the region from the Gulf of Tehuantepec in Mexico, up the coast to the Bering Strait. Each of these men seemed to feel out the others as to the future policy of their countries towards California, and each wrote an account of California during the s, but Duflot de Mofras's account is the most reliable and complete description of the time.

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The work forms an admirable supplement to Humboldt's earlier account of the same region. This is one of the earliest accounts of the gold fields in the vast domain just acquired from Mexico. Foster reprints many official documents and includes a small woodcut map which is one of the earliest to mention the "Gold Region.