Global Warming: The Iceman Cometh (and other cultural takes)

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It brought to me vivid memories of when I first heard that story from the Dominican Sisters in Springfield, IL, who taught me, and who were part of our family in our growing-up years and still are. And sometimes, like Amos, it is very unexpected, and we are reluctantly sent.

But as I learned from the Vincentians and the Daughters of Charity who taught me in the seminary in St. The tunic of St. Martin perhaps harkens back to the tunic of the Gospel today — which accompanies healing, freedom and repentance. It also accompanies us even in moments of rejection — because even those moments, it seems, can lead to new life, reflecting what St.

As you are together these days and go forth from here, I thank you for your ministry and I pray for you as bearers of the tunic of St. We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. This challenging quote from Dr. King served as an introduction to Dr. Sadly, the need for cultural competency and embracing a spirit of inclusion still exists, and perhaps that need is deeper than ever before.

Echoing Dr. Effective change demands personal investment and a wide perspective to include people on the margins.

Chaplain Mehr-Muska Offers Strategies for Living with Peace and Preparedness

We must be willing to let our world views be challenged and transformed. As professional chaplains and Roman Catholics, of course we abhor humor and language that is detrimental to minority populations. But those obvious examples of prejudice may be the easiest to change. What is more challenging is confronting our own unconscious bias because we are unaware how thought processes lead to discrimination.

Uncovering unconscious bias requires brutal honesty and humility. As professional chaplains, we are held accountable to the Common Competencies shared by our strategic partners. He also challenged us to attend community events and celebrations that are important for diverse communities. He suggested we identify community leaders and discover the trusted voices in minority populations. We typically look for those voices in family networks. Mason now advocates that we also do that on a macro level by finding those voices in our communities.

This is a natural and expected connection that chaplains might be expected to foster. But if we are to seriously commit to concerns of diversity and inclusion, we also need to consider informal leaders and service providers in the community. To neglect these critical components would paint an incomplete picture of the populations we serve. Culturally competent leadership is not a destination but a journey of humble self-reflection and relationship-building in the context of a mosaic community.

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When Adrienne Boissy was a young neurologist, she got a late-night call to the bedside of a young woman who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In addition to maintaining a neurology practice, Boissy, is now the chief patient experience officer for the Cleveland Clinic, helping to set strategy for the prestigious system.

She told the story of a factory worker diagnosed with MS who developed a rare complication to the drug she prescribed. I hung onto him. She paused to compose herself. His son was actually still alive, but on life support at another hospital, We got him to the main campus, and they saw each other before he passed.

I feel deeply the intrinsic power you have and feel gratitude for how it has benefited me and my patients. She paused again. She described areas where chaplains make a difference, such as meeting with high-risk patients to discuss goals of care, end-of-life wishe, and healthcare powers of attorney. At the Cleveland Clinic, she has led a system-wide effort to reduce feelings of burnout, which is epidemic among caregivers. She also made sure all patient comments about clinicians were posted online, including the bad ones.

We had created vehicle for healing.

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No matter what burnout scale level you came in at, you got better. We are healers. And you, my fellow healers, have everything you need to step in and lead the charge on healing. Be much bolder. You stand with suffering others can hardly imagine. You open the door to the room no one else will go in.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness - Robert Waldinger

You come back the next day and the next. You have an opportunity to fit into the strategic agenda of every organization. But I hope you turn the world upside down, like Jesus did. Following the speeches, the noisemakers on the banquet tables were put to good use as newly certified chaplains were called across the stage to receive their certificates. Another new feature to NACC members was the poster presentation during the cocktail hour before the banquet. More than 20 chaplains and CPE students stood next to professionally printed summaries of their research or outreach efforts and answered questions from visitors.

That is why Rev. But at the juxtaposition between outcomes and presence is case study research. Chaplaincy ministers to spiritual needs, but Nolan pointed out that the United States is starting to follow the path of his native England, and Europe as a whole, in declining figures for church attendance and participation. What do chaplains offer? They affirm the divine or support transcendence.

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They provide ritual, religious or not. They provide presence. All these roles, Nolan said, are ones that would be expected from a religious figure.

Philosophical and Cultural Orientations

But the context is changing. In Great Britain, Nolan said, humanist chaplains are challenging the ministry of church-endorsed chaplains to care for non-religious people. And as church affiliation falls, more people may find themselves talking to a chaplain during their moment of crisis, rather than a parish clergyperson. But religious vs. We all have a view from somewhere, and it will inform our work. Care for the human spirit, nothing more, nothing less. Tell your stories. As Fr. God is here. Four priests ministered to dozens of people in need of healing during the service, and many more congregants came for fellowship or to offer their hands to lay on those who were sick.

Could Christ work through them? The first effort will be a marketing program among Catholics to raise awareness of chaplaincy as a vocation. In the next 24 months, the six groups have agreed to work on professional ethics and advocacy for spiritual care. Collaboration with other Catholic Church organizations will also be a major emphasis in the near future. Pastoral care is also needed in prisons, detention centers, parishes, and homes, and deacon training varies in every diocese, but there is no national program or standard.

The Vatican and the USCCB are studying prison ministry, and they received responses to a webinar on the topic in four days. But the picture should be clearer a year from now as the organization seeks outside funding sources to develop new programming. Tim Serban led a listening session divided by tables that provided written feedback for the board to assess.

Johnson, the president of the Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care , which has worked for decades to help healthcare organizations to partner with patients and families in care planning. That includes chaplains, but it also includes patients and families. She ended with the story of her own mother, who died recently at age Five days before the end, she told her daughter she was ready to go, and Johnson was able to advocate for her. She shares some initial thoughts below.

I have been waiting for the class to be given near me since I found out about it last fall. I joined the Las Vegas chapter of the Red Cross in the summer of I did all the courses I thought I needed at the time and deployed to the Florida Keys as spiritual care support after Hurricane Irma. That was an amazing experience. I returned to Las Vegas a day or two before Oct. I saw on the news what had happened at the concert and called the Red Cross to see where I could be useful. I arrived in the early hours of Oct. The mix included family members desperate for news of their loved ones, and family members who already knew they had lost a loved one.